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Hair cutting

Hair cutting

Cutting edge haircuts

Expert hair cutting 

Had a bad haircut experience? We all know how that feels. No longer is a trip to the salon something to look forward to, but something we fear. All that is about to change, at Stage One we don't just cut your hair – we have a philosophy of cutting, so your hair is in the best hands.

Our whole business is dependent on cutting hair superbly. Hair cutting is the single most important part of our work. Without a good haircut, everything else is pointless. Our staff are trained, motivated, and live for cutting. 

Or maybe instead of cutting your length you want to increase it with some long flowing hair extensions. Whatever your hair care needs call Stage One in Brighton today.
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Expert hair cutting
For professional quality haircuts in Brighton

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Haircut appointments

Want to book in for a haircut? Great, just give us a call and we'll get started. At Stage One every haircut begins with a consultation. We listen, we learn, and we advise before one hair is snipped. We find out about your lifestyle, and what you demand from your hair. Or got a picture of something you like? Bring that in too! From straight fine hair, curly hair, all the way to afro hair – no hair type is a problem. So book in today with Stage One in Brighton for your dream haircut. 
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