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Hair extensions

Hair extensions

Hair extensions in Brighton

Connect hair extensions

From the fashionable salons of New York to the glitter of Hollywood, Connect hair extensions are changing the way fashion looks today. You are no longer limited with an existing style: with Connect human hair extensions you can add length, volume, colour or curls, the choice is yours! Want to have a look at some of our work? Book in at Stage One for a consultation today to find out what we can do.

No animal hairs or synthetic hairs have been used. All strands of this superb human hair have been specially prepared from root to tip to provide soft, silky, tangle-free hair, exclusive to Connect and Stage One.

Have always wanted long, flowing, thick hair but your hair never seems to grow? Then Connect hair extensions are the solution, call and book an appointment with Stage One in Brighton today.

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Add some extra length and volume to your hair with Connect hair extensions

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Beautiful hair extensions

Styling your new hair extensions 

The technique involves attaching loose strands of human hair onto small sections of your own natural hair. Each extension is securely sealed in place using a specially formulated plastic seal. A one-inch section around the hairline is left free in order to disguise each connection, should hair be worn back or up. Extensions are positioned according to the required style.

Hair extensions can be styled using blow driers, tongs or rollers. Regular washing and conditioning will ensure the lasting good looks and lifespan of your hair. Due to the normal growth rate of natural hair your extensions should be removed and reapplied every three months.
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