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Our Products

GREENTEA Shampoos conditioners and Masks

Simple, Affordable Haircare You Can Trust
If you crave shiny gorgeous tangle free hair then this is the range for you. With a complete choice to suit any hair type we guarantee once you have tried the GREEN TEA range you will see why it’s the Stage One flagship choice of haircare products

Shampoos (330ml) £12.95
Conditioners (330ml) £13.95
Masks (500ml) £15.95   

Mythic Oil

Indulge your hair in our favourite oil ritual designed to balance the natural oil levels in the hair
Mythic Oil will leave your hair cleansed at the roots and nourished on the ends with incredible shine.


In our eyes the best leave in treatment in the world is UNIQONE
With 10 different benefits including UV Protection, split ends repair and amazing shine 
Your hair will be tangle free and looking great after just one application
For quality hair products at affordable prices, call Stage One in Brighton today

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