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Hair relaxing/perming

Hair relaxing

Hair relaxing and perming in Brighton 

Hair relaxing

For smooth and sleek hair every day, you can either get out the irons every morning, or you can come to Stage One and we can provide a solution that will straighten and relax your hair for weeks. 

If you’re sick of being typecast as the ‘curly haired one’ try a new sleek and sophisticated role. With our in-salon smoothing service we can tame frizz, de-volumize, and smooth hair for up to 16 weeks, making your hair more manageable and effortless to style every day. For kinky-straight hair in one visit, call Stage One in Brighton today.

We also offer a straightening treatment for previously damaged hair.
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Hair relaxing salon
From frizzy to sleek and straight, for hair relaxing treatments in Brighton 

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Hair perming


Got fine straight hair? No matter what you use, your hair will never hold its curl? A perm is the solution for you. Perming is no longer 'old fashioned' and can be used to give you natural loose waves or tight curls. If you want to create more volume and body in your hair, then book an appointment with Stage One in Brighton for your free consultation.
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